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Damous El-Karita Basilica

Period :
State : Preserved
Address: Near Pères Blancs Cemetery, Carthage
بجوار مقبرة بيري بلانكس بمدينة قرطاج
The largest Early Christian church in Tunisia , Damous El-Karita Basilica (from Domus Caritatis) , is a must-stop in the itinerary of admirers of Christian landmarks of great historical and religious value in the legendary town of Carthage . It lies on the west side of the main road to Sidi Bou Said near the cemetery of the Pères Blancs . The construction was excavated by P . Delattre in 1878 . The nine-aisled church was 65m by 45m with some remains of grey pillars . The building encloses a tri-conical chapel , a baptistery (or a saint's tomb) and an underground well-preserved rotunda (9 . 5m in diameter) reached through a flight of stairs . Some parts of the church are ornamented with funeral inscriptions; while its ground was once paved with mosaic works (now almost completely disappeared) .

Damous el Karita Basilica

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